WordPress SEO & Adobe Creative Cloud

Using the Google Adwords tool I searched for a variety of phrases that I have used in past WordPress blogs that are potential keyword searches. Although I am not using using a windows server 2016, these keywords were helpful in search engine optimization. Looking at WordPress SEO could also benefit in analytics and look at commonly used keywords. Google Analytics WordPress are very similar and could optimize the amount of searches that my blog gets using those commonly searched key words. A chart that represents the commonly used keywords can be easily represented using a software from the Adobe Suite and storing it in the Adobe Creativity Cloud. 

The keywords I searched for and the Google recommended keywords are listed below with the average monthly searches represented next to it. I used keywords that were more specific to me, my personal brand, and my blog. I have a better understanding of what to use when it comes to search engine optimization.

Kasey Carpenter: 10-100

WordPress Photoshop: 10-100

Kasey WordPress: 0

Kaseys Creations: 0

Kasey Final Cut Pro: 0

WordPress: 1M-10M

Adobe Creative Cloud: 100k-1M

Windows Server 2016: 100k-1M

WordPress SEO: 10k-100k

Google Analytics WordPress: 10k-100k


Photoshopped Horizon



Last year I traveled to Sarasota, Florida and visited the sunset one evening. There were many people on the beach, especially standing close to the water that got in the way of the horizon. Using the Adobe Photoshop software, I removed the people and added a water color filter to the image to improve the quality. Using mainly the lasso tool and the stamp tool, it was easy to remove the people and fill in the missing space using the similar surrounding area. Once I got the hang of the software it was easy to navigate. There are a few tools that I am still playing around with and are harder to get the hang of but overall it is a moderately easy software to use.

Citation: Carpenter, K. (2017). Florida Sunset (jpg). Retrieved from http://www.adobe.com/photoshop

A Day in the Life

Using Final Cut Pro, I created a video about the typical day in my life. I filmed the general things I do in my day to day life, including driving, work, running, and homework. This video was very fun to create. Once I got the hang of it, Final Cut is a fairly easy program to use. The story board below is also a representation of how I spend the majority of my days.


What Fuels my Energy

Carpenter, K. Piktochart. Retrieved from http://piktochart.com

I created an infographic using Piktochart to represent myself and what I am passionate about. The graphic above describes the four major activities and events that I love to do and really makes up who I am as a person. Each item is combined with a percentage which represents how much time and involvement I spend doing activities related to that category.

Infographics are a great way to display information, tips, and/or data in a clean and readable manner. It is also a great way to assist in paper advertisements and social media advertising. The website is very user friendly and directs the user through prompts to understand the application.

Personal Branding

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 6.17.05 PM.png
Carpenter, K. (2017, February 1). Personal Branding. Retrieved from: http://brandyourself.com

Personal branding is a big part of the business world and it is important that your image is represented well. Brand Yourself is a website that allows you to arrange what links show up first when you “Google” your name. I began the process of using Brand Yourself to help boost my personal brand. The website took me through a series of prompts to define websites and profiles that were mine or not. The first 10 websites provided were not me, which resulted in a score of a F.

The website offered me various suggestions to boost my profiles in the rankings on Google. One of the suggestions included me entering the profile links that were mine on social media sites, such as, Twitter and LinkedIn. More suggestions offered were adding a profile picture, posting a status on a social media platform, and updating social media profiles.