Google Analytics Certification

Google offers many services on its site, including free certifications. Using Google Partners certifications include Google Adwords and Google Analytics. As I am someone who is very active on social media and blog posts, I figured Google Analytics would be the best route to take as my first certification.

Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that can track website and social media activity. This is a great tool that can be used in Search Engine Optimization for a company or an individual person looking to expand their network. A few features in Google Analytics are e-commerce activity, review online campaigns, and identify poor performing pages. These are just a few features that come with Google Analytics. One of the main features offered by Google Analytics is return on investment and understanding of the online marketing strategy.

The process of getting certified is fairly easy. There are tutorial videos that will help in the studying for the certification exam. The exam consists of 70 questions and a 90 minutes timeframe to complete. With the appropriate amount of studying and preparation there should be no issue completing the exam in 90 minutes. My Google Analytics Certification is attached below.

These certifications are also great resume boosters.  After completing the exam, I added it to my resume and LinkedIn Profile to boost my credibility and the potential for future employers to see it. I also plan on getting certified in other Google Partners areas as well, including Mobile Advertising and Display Advertising. Getting certified in Google Partners will add to your knowledge of analytics and definitely benefit you in the future.


Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 10.43.06 AM


Carpenter, K. (2017, April 25). Google Analytics Certification [Screenshot]. Retrieved from


WordPress SEO & Adobe Creative Cloud

Using the Google Adwords tool I searched for a variety of phrases that I have used in past WordPress blogs that are potential keyword searches. Although I am not using using a windows server 2016, these keywords were helpful in search engine optimization. Looking at WordPress SEO could also benefit in analytics and look at commonly used keywords. Google Analytics WordPress are very similar and could optimize the amount of searches that my blog gets using those commonly searched key words. A chart that represents the commonly used keywords can be easily represented using a software from the Adobe Suite and storing it in the Adobe Creativity Cloud. 

The keywords I searched for and the Google recommended keywords are listed below with the average monthly searches represented next to it. I used keywords that were more specific to me, my personal brand, and my blog. I have a better understanding of what to use when it comes to search engine optimization.

Kasey Carpenter: 10-100

WordPress Photoshop: 10-100

Kasey WordPress: 0

Kaseys Creations: 0

Kasey Final Cut Pro: 0

WordPress: 1M-10M

Adobe Creative Cloud: 100k-1M

Windows Server 2016: 100k-1M

WordPress SEO: 10k-100k

Google Analytics WordPress: 10k-100k